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Healing, Training & Activation for
Starseeds, Indigos & Lightworkers on the
Soul Mastery, Organic Ascension & New Earth Path

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Starseed Mission,   Training for Healers & Creation Mastery


The EarthStar Academy is a Comprehensive Training & Support system for Angels on Earth: The Starseeds, Indigos & Lightworkers… 

Here you’ll discover the exact steps to Activate your Mission, Embody your Highest Self, engage in Galactic Shamanism training, and Master your Creation Energy… 

And finally be Home with our Community of Titans fulfilling God’s Intent of Heaven on Earth

Your Guide

Xi Earthstar Healer is the founder of EarthStar Academy, 
a comprehensive and dynamic training ground for, starseeds, indigos & lightworkers providing multi-dimensional healing, training, activation, and support.

Xi is an Oracle for Original Creation, the Guardian Alliance Starseed Missions & her ascended Daoist ancestors. 
She is a wisdom keeper of Original Creation Sciences.

As a template holder of Original Creation, Xi recognizes the ineffable connection between our Sacred Sexuality and our Human abilities to be Divine Sovereign Co-Creators. She teaches us how to reclaim our Infinite Creativity through Healing our Sexuality, and initiate us into a grounded way
to Creating Heaven on Earth.

Through the arts of oracle transmission, singing, writing, and multi-dimensional energy work, Xi supports humanity in our current process of Universal Evolution. Xi guides others on how to access our higher consciousness and psychic abilities to heal and embody complete energetic sovereignty, and lead a Life of Purpose & Destiny.

Our Growing Comprehensive Library of Beginner to Advanced Level Courses:


Starseed Mission Orientation
Meditation, Journeying HSP & Multidimensionality
The Chakras & Krystic Energy Systems
Living Your Mission: Exiting the False Matrix
Full Spectrum Self Healing
Diet, Detox & Physical Vessel Optimization
Daily Practices Video Library
Weekly LIVE QnA & Healing Ceremonies


Galactic Shamanism Facilitator Training Level I
Sexual Healing & Sacred Sexuality
Starseed Conception & Shamanic Birthing
Heiros Gamos ~ Divine Union Mysteries Level I
New Earth Entrepreneurship
Indigo & Starseed Mission Contracts
Foundational Business Skills & Planning
Oracle Temple Training Level I
Bio-Regenesis & Lightbody Restoration Level I
Planetary Gridwork Training Level I
Daily Practices Video Library
Weekly LIVE QnA & Healing Ceremonies


Galactic Shamanism Facilitator Training Level II
Creation Sexuality: Original Creation Mysteries
Planetary Gridwork & Stargate Training Level II
Heiros Gamos ~ Divine Union Mysteries Level II
Advanced Business Skills & Planning
Wealth Management & Planetary Leadership
Ascension, Bio-Regenesis & DNA Mastery Level II
Oracle Temple Training Level II
Mystery Initiate Level Activations & Webinars
Daily Practices Video Library
Weekly LIVE QnA & Healing Ceremonies

The Star Being Training Facility

The 8 Pillars of our Starseeded Mystery School


Subtle Sensory Training

• Training for sharpening our intuitive, energetic psychic senses and abilities

• Perceive higher dimension frequencies and information

• Access healing abilities, heal trauma, lightbody and access past life memories


• Cultivate qualities & virtues of mastery and maturity in the Earth Ego personality

• Practice Devotion to Self-cultivation with guidance

• Gain confidence, ease and happiness through patience, courage, humility and true Service to Creation mindset

Lucidity Training

• Seeing the world Lucidly through a multidimensional and scientific lens

• Letting go of false matrix addictions, patterns and amnesia for real

• Learn relevant aspects of galactic history and ET influence in human civilization

Embodiment Training

• Transform the World in Action through applying Source Creation Mechanics in your Life and Business

• Land the knowledge and teachings in your Body through daily practices and mindset training

• Ground your Gnosis of Divine Love to share with the World through Service

Knowledge Support

• Information, data, science and background story to give you clarity and confidence

• Comprehensive teachings transmitted through love & integrated original Gnosis

• Supporting you to fully understand the mission at hand in all dimensions

Practice Support

• Large library of practical and proven techniques for your Daily Practice

• Access to weekly live trainings and QnAs to maximize your efforts

• Practices designed for healing, awakening & training

Healing Support

• Live weekly oracle healing ceremonies & transmissions

• Addresses all dimensions of healing to help you get past hidden blocks

• Holographically designed to take you All The Way to a fully DNA & Mission Activated starseed

Empowered Community

• Global Family of awake, motivated and empowered lovers, movers, and shakers

• Co-ordinated efforts for Planetary Gridwork and Activations

• Access lively community, forum, and app to connect & foster Unity, Creativity, Common Vision & Mission


All Aboard the MotherShip!

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Praise for Xi & the EarthStar academy...

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